*The website Popeater is quoting a source who says none of Michael Jackson’s brothers or sisters are included in Oprah Winfrey’s upcoming episode on the Jackson family, however, his three children, as previously reported, will be a part of the special.

Whether Winfrey got a chance to actually interview Prince, Paris or Blanket is unclear, the source added.

Popeater reports…

“We’re told the special will rely heavily on a no-holds-barred conversation with Katherine, who will not only speak about losing her famous son but will also address the aftermath and legal battles ahead.

“While an air date has not been announced, we’re told the special will air during the fall sweeps period in November. We’ve also learned that Katherine Jackson gave Oprah so much to work with that the show will take up more than the typical single hour given to each episode of ‘Oprah.'”