Ambassador Amina Salum Ali

*Carson, California — For decades Africa has been viewed as a continent embroiled in conflict, hunger, and staggering healthcare problems. But a look behind this problematic veil will also reveal a continent filled with economic opportunities for small businesses in the U.S. and new avenues to stimulate job growth here and abroad.

On Thursday and Friday, October 21-22 from 8:30 am – 3:30 pm, the Africa-USA Chamber of Commerce and the African Marketplace will hold a Pan African Global Trade Conference at California State University Dominguez Hills located at 1000 E. Victoria Street in Carson. This landmark event in California will cover topics that will help existing and new small businesses get started in international trade and commerce with Africa.  

Some of the conference topics include:  Small Business Trade & Investment Opportunities in Africa; Global Logistics – Planning International Trade Transactions; International Trade & Commerce Career Opportunities; Capital Development Strategies; and Pan African Social Entrepreneurship. The conference will also offer a wealth of networking with private and public sector leaders from the U.S., Africa and the African Diaspora.  The keynote speaker will be Amina Salum Ali, the African Union Ambassador to the U.S.

“Africa has been described as the “New Frontier” and “The Last Big Emerging Market” with great opportunity and potential for small business owners,” said Al Washington executive director of Africa-USA Chamber of Commerce. Africa-USA is a 501c3 nonprofit dedicated to building local economies and increase bilateral foreign direct investment between Africa and the United States.

“Small businesses in general, especially Black businesses, have traditionally not engaged in international trade.” added Washington. “They must seek international trade opportunities if they hope to compete and stay in business in the new global marketplace. Africa offers favorable opportunities for men and women entrepreneurs to expand their businesses into African markets. African nations like Ghana, Liberia, Namibia, Uganda and South Africa have stable emerging economies with open doors to U.S. small businesses.” Washington added that an increasing number of African Americans are also relocating to Africa to operate their businesses in the African market.

President Obama has issued a call to action to government and private international trade and tourism organizations to promote and assist small businesses to engage in free trade because they are the cornerstone to employing America. As a result some of the participating organizations in the conference include the African Union Mission to the United States, the U.S. Department of Commerce, the Port of Los Angeles, Los Angeles World Airport Business Opportunities Center, U.S. Doctors for Africa, Black Business & Tourism Magazine, the Import/Export Bank of the United States, the Los Angeles Air Cargo Association, the Oversea Private Investment and the California African American Political and Economic Institute.  

Admission to the two day conference is $50 per day for adults and $25 per day for students.  For more information, visit or call, (626) 321-7041.  

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