*For her promotion with the new Dorito’s Late-Night campaign, Rihanna shares a sexier and more colorful side, other than her red hair, with her fans.

Rihanna revealing her racy day side

Sharing various splashes of color reminiscent of the old school Dorito’s chip bags, Rihanna’s bright body hugger suit with the pink stockings blend in with the vintage lines and patterns. Below, she also gets dark and edgy making her kool-aid red color hair pop out while the pile of grey clothes lay in the background.

Rihanna's dark side - shades of grey and splashes of near-blood red

These are only stills of the racy videos for Dorito’s, a day and night version of “Who’s That Chick?”, but in order to catch the late-night version of her new video fans must purchase special bags of the chips, which are the BBQ Rib and Tantalizing Tikka flavors.

“I’m really excited about ‘Who’s That Chick?’ and I wanted to find a fresh and unique way to share it with fans,” Rihanna previously said.

Once fans purchase the bag of Dorito’s, assuming they already own a webcam, they must go to http://www.doritoslatenight.com, click on Rihanna’s face, scan the back of the chip bag when prompted, and have the ability to personalize the “Who’s That Chick” video.