*A billboard widely criticized as racist for its cartoonish caricatures of President Barack Obama was taken down Friday after the unknown person who put it up received death threats.

The artist, Paul Snover, who was paid $500 for the artwork on the billboard, also received hate mail and threats, the Chicago Tribune reported.

Snover’s cartoon showed four versions of Obama — as a terrorist, a gangster, a Mexican and a homosexual man — seated around a poker table.

A local Tea Party group had reportedly planned a rally around the billboard Friday, but it was taken down before they got to the location.

“While we do not condone threats of violence of any kind against anyone, we are pleased that the billboard has come down. The type of rhetoric it articulated has real consequences,” said Brad Clark, executive director of One Colorado, a LGBT advocacy group. “With national attention focused on the devastating impact of bullying and harassment in our schools, adults should be setting the example, not fueling the fire. Hateful, irresponsible messages like these only serve to perpetuate stereotypes and harassment against our friends and neighbors.

“They do not unite a community.”