*Max Rosenhaus at WJLB radio in Detroit hipped us to the fact that the recently married LaLa Vasquez called into the “COCO, Foolish & Mr. Chase in the Morning” show to promote her VH1 reality series “LaLa’s Full Court Wedding” which airs Sunday’s at 10:30pm E/P.

There were rumors after the second episode that the show was struggling, but LaLa said that the show is in fact doing great in ratings and the rumors probably stem from a slight fall off from the first week. And she also explained why her friend Tyrese is an idiot for telling Kim Kardashian she needs to give free promotion for LaLa’s show.

If you’re an NBA fan, you know that the former MTV VJ’s husband, Carmelo Anthony, is nearing the end of his contract with the Denver Nuggets and everyone is curious where he is going to play next. LaLa said that she doesn’t know, but she will support him no matter where he chooses to go… even if that means moving to Detroit!

Now here’s the relatively juicy part. Even though LaLa is married to an NBA player, don’t think that makes her an ‘NBA Wife…’ She informed WJLB that she would never do a show like VH1’s “NBA Wives” even though she has love for Shaunie Oneal (the show’s executive producer).

And just in you’re wondering how she rolls when she’s in ‘Vegas, LaLa told the morning crew that she’s headed there this weekend casually said that dropping $10,00 in Sin City is no big deal.

Listen to the interview HERE.