*A cynic would say that maybe T.I. is trying to win over the court or his probation officer before things get too out of hand with his whole arrest situation.

The rapper  raised money for his family’s new Alzheimer’s disease foundation. He and his wife, Tameka  ‘Tiny’ Cottle,  held a luncheon for the foundation, called “For the Love of Our Fathers,” coming up with the idea to begin donating money.

“It’s very, very personally close to our family,” said T.I. “And while I was, you know, while I was going through my … period of hiatus, Tameka had the idea of … starting this foundation. And I thought it was an outstanding idea.”

Tiny’s father, Charles Pope has Alzheimer’s, an irreversible neurological disease. T.I.’s father and grandmother also had the disease when they died.

Although it seems as if the rapper has some good intentions, the reality is that he and Tiny are currently in legal trouble after they were arrested in L.A. for drug possession. When asked about the arrest, his response was to focus only on the new foundation.

“We’re not going to talk much except for Alzheimer’s,” he said.