*As I type this “K-Ci and JoJo Come Clean” reality show is premiering on TV One with two back-to-back episodes. “K-Ci and JoJo Come Clean” is a nine-episode series that will air on Tuesdays at 9 p.m.ET.

The Hailey brothers go through 30 hard days of sobering treatment (physical, mental and spiritual) for family and career. The multi-platinum brother duo – Cedric “K-Ci” and Joel “JoJo” Hailey (of the multi-platinum group Jodeci – which also includes brothers Donald “DeVante Swing,” Delvin, and Dereck DeGrate) – moved into a house together for the treatment duration with no bodyguard, housekeeper, family or cook.

“God has a way to show you little things in your life,” JoJo said about how they reached the point where they were ready to “come clean.” “We started missing out on a lot of opportunities…they didn’t know if they could trust us.”

During the treatment, arranged by their manager Damon Jones, the brothers’ eyes slowly opened to the real world. To deal with all the changes the duo had help from physical, mental and spiritual professionals.

“Our manager came to us with the idea,” K-Ci said about how it all began. “We were ready to make a change. We were ready…a team came together.”

Aside from their “team” K-Ci and JoJo will have guest appearances by people from their past, such as music executive Andre’ Harrell, The Gap Band’s Charlie Wilson and Jodeci’s Devante Swing. The first episode reveals – through a video presentation – the slow decline of the brothers’ health and career due to a habit they picked up at ages 14 and 15 – drinking. Near the end of the series their mother states – during their visit – that she hadn’t seen her sons sober since they were 14.

While in their early 20s the brothers joined a group, formed by friend Devante Swing, and they called themselves Jodeci. The group released three albums – all reached Platinum status – “Forever My Lady” in 1991 (3x Platinum), “Diary of a Mad Band” in 1993 (2x Platinum) and “The Show, The After Party, The Hotel” in 1995 (2x Platinum). When Jodeci disbanded for a while the Hailey brothers, in 1996, were featured artists on 2Pac’s “How Do U Want It,” which garnered a Grammy Award nomination.

In 1997 the debut released of a solo project, “Love Always,” gave us the hit “All My Life” which reached #1 on Billboard for three weeks. The project sold 4 million units (4x Platinum) and garnered them two Grammy Awards, an MTV Video Music Award, NAACP Image Award and Soul Train Award nominations. Their second CD, “Its Real,” was released in 1999 – reaching #2 on Billboard; their third project, “X”, was in 2000; in 2002 it was their fourth CD “Emotional;” a “Greatest Hits” followed in 2005, and in 2008 a project titled “Love” was solely distributed in Japan.

JoJo said he would like for those who watch the “K-Ci and JoJo Come Clean” reality show to, “watch with an open mind and kind heart.” He pointed out, “We put our dirty clothes in the front yard. Look but don’t judge. Maybe we can stop someone from going through that.”

To learn more on the show log onto www.kciandjojo.tvoneonline.com.

Actress Denee Busby quietly taking Hollywood by storm

*Watch out for the name, Denee Busby, this UCLA graduate is quietly taking Hollywood by storm. Her acting career was egged on by the passionate belief of her mentor and acting coach, Michael John, that she will be a great actress. With his help Denee secured her first major role in a film as Little Dee in the Lionsgate presentation, The Cookout – produced by and starring Queen Latifah, along with Danny Glover, JaRule and Eve.

“Michael is an angel,” Denee said about her mentor. “He’d say, ‘There is something in you, you don’t see. I’ll bring it out of you.’ When I met him I couldn’t put two words together. Even when I wanted to give up, he said, ‘you can’t.’”

John is still Busby’s coach. Since she landed that prime role Denee has appeared on the television series “Eve” and in a stage play, “Whatever She Wants,” with Vivica A. Fox, Richard Roundtree and Boris Kodjoe. She is currently starring in the HBO series “Eastbound and Down.”

“This is new for me,” Busby said about big role on the cable series. “I am use to African-American productions with African-American cast…HBO has pulled out the red carpet (for me). We filmed in Puerto Rico!”

Denee also works as a consultant in her field of study at UCLA, Mechanical Engineering.

“The business of entertainment can be…highs and lows,” she points out. “Some actors have great success, but when nothing is going on they don’t know how to pay the bills. I work as a consultant for a company that knows I am an actress. Even as an actress if I am making millions I still want to work in engineering.”

Busby, who grew up loving math and science, said she “needed singing and dancing as my outlet.”

Denee Busby just finished shooting for Cookout 2, reprising her role as Little Dee. Visit Denee at Facebook and Twitter.