Beyonce & Jay-Z arrive at their hotel in Miami on Wed.

*On Wednesday the internet was a blaze with chatter that Beyonce was finally pregnant. Well, as much as some folks would like for the news to be true, it isn’t according her mother, Tina Knowles.

The information was released by The Ellen Degeneres Show on which Mama Knowles will appear on Thursday.

“No, no. It’s not true. Not right now,” Beyonce’s mom, Tina Knowles, told host Ellen DeGeneres when the pregnancy speculation was brought up during the chat. Tina earlier joked, “I’m here to clear the rumors up. The truth is that it’s me, not Beyonce, that’s pregnant. It’s me,” before quickly adding “I’m kidding, no, no I’m 56.”

The rumor that Beyonce is expecting her first child was first published by A source told the site that Beyonce “was shocked” and although she “loves kids,” she “wasn’t ready to be a mother just yet.” The source went on, “She really wanted to get her album done and tour the world again.” That should have been a clue to UIs, but they published the story anyway.

Watch as  Tina Knowles tells Ellen Bey is not preggers: