*Tyra Banks is in trouble. The supermodel/TV talk show host is being sued, along with her television producers by the parents of a sex-addicted teen who appeared on her show without their permission.

And how much you ask? $3 million.

Beverly McClendon, a resident of Georgia filed the suit in an Atlanta federal court this month, claiming the producers and Banks failed to secure legal permission to air the story of her 15-year-old daughter, Jewel Ciera Washington during an episode of sex addiction.

The teen responded to an open call for the show for people who claim they are sex addicts in 2009. She was flown to New York the following month and claims everything was paid for.

According to online reports, McClendon insists TV producers should have alerted her to their plans to feature the girl on the program and violated Georgia state labor laws by failing to do so. In the legal papers, she also objects to the show being promoted as featuring a “15-year-old sex addict”, insisting the tag line would have attracted unwanted attention from “sexual deviants, perverts and pedophiles alike.”

The mother is suing on the ground of negligence and is asking for an injunction against Banks and company to keep the episode from airing again in the future.