Jameker Hairston formerly known as Queen Pin

*The FBI called her “Queen Pin.”  Jemeker Hairston ruled the tough streets of South Central L.A.

“I didn’t play when it came to delivering my drugs and getting my money,” Jemeker says. “I was serious about the game.”

Jemeker was obsessed with power and control, something she picked up as a young girl.

“I was in the fourth grade, so probably about eight, nine years old. One day I came home and we were evicted from our home. I quite didn’t understand what was going on, but I knew that it wasn’t right. I just know that we were put out and had to stay in a motel.”

But Jemeker wanted a better life for herself and asked to live with her grandmother in Mississippi. Her mom agreed and scraped together enough money for a plane ticket. She lived there for six years and didn’t return to L.A. until she was 14. It wasn’t long before she met Daff.

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