*There’s more suppressed anger, and therefore, a lot more humming in the full 15-minute clip of singer D’Atra Hicks on “Divorce Court.”

An edited version of her appearance became a viral hit after Ellen DeGeneres played it on her talk show earlier this month.

In the full version (seen below), we learn that Hicks – a star in Tyler Perry’s “Madea’s Family Reunion” stage show (see 2nd clip below) – met her husband Loren Harper on the Internet and he’s been lying to her ever since he put a ring on it.

That ring, which Loren ended up stealing from Hicks and giving to his baby mama (seen in orange above), was given back to her toward the end of their testimony.  Afterward, in the hallway outside of the courtroom, her humming gave way to full-throated riffs of “I got my ring!”

Watch below:

D’Atra Hicks in the play Madea’s Family Reunion.

D’Atra Hicks in the 2003 stage play The Maintenance Man.