*Kanye West’s 30-minute music video for his upcoming album “My Beautiful Dark Twisted Fantasy” has turned up on the Internet (watch below), just as rumors of a romance with Kim Kardashian seems to be heating up.

The pair was spotted together several times last week, meeting up for a dinner with pals in Chicago on Tuesday and again for a birthday yachting trip with friends in New York on Thursday.

Even though the two have seen a lot of each other, a Kardashian source is squashing any talk of the two dating.

“Kim is just friends with” West, says the source. “There is nothing going on romantically. Kanye and Kim are just friends and have been forever.”

Kardashian turned up to support West, 33, at the premiere of “Runaway” in Chicago. According to reports, the pair hung out at a private dinner afterward. Two days later, West returned the favor and was by Kardashian’s side as she celebrated her 30th birthday with friends and family on a yacht in New York on Thursday.

“She thinks Kanye is a really cool guy,” says the source, “but they’re friends and only friends.”

Below: Kanye West’s film “Runaway” in its entirety.

Meanwhile, Kanye surprised hundreds of concertgoers at Williamsburg music venue Brooklyn Bowl early Sunday morning (Oct. 24), performing a five-song set that included highlights from his recent G.O.O.D. Friday releases and a singalong to “Runaway” (the single). [Watch below.]

West’s set, which had been rumored for the better part of the night, kicked off at approximately 2 a.m. during an anniversary party for the label Fool’s Gold Records, which closed out Pitchfork’s three-day #Offline festival, reports Billboard.

The Fool’s Gold lineup featured two acts with connections to West: A-Trak, a DJ who has toured with the star and contributed to his “Late Registration” and “Graduation” albums, and G.O.O.D. Music upstart CyHi Da Prince, who guests on many of the songs West has been releasing online in the lead-up to his new album.