*The Democratic National Committee has released a new television ad on Thursday aimed directly at both young and minority voters, and scheduled to air on outlets targeting those particular demographics.

The committee is putting out its second national spot in as many weeks, this one incorporating footage of the President’s recent rallies in Madison, Wisconsin and Philadelphia. The spot, titled “Making History Again,” will air on BET and MSNBC as well as the websites of MTV, CMT and Comedy Central — outlets that cater to the audience the Democrats are pinning their hopes on for a better-than-expected election showing.

“Two years ago, you defied the conventional wisdom in Washington,” the president says in the spot. “You proved that the power of everyday people was stronger than the forces of the status quo. On November Second, we face another test… If the other side does win, they will spend the next two years fighting for the very same policies that led to this recession in the first place. We cannot sit this one out.”

Forgoing partisan red meat for a lighter more motivational message, the spot “is airing in heavy rotation… throughout the day,” according to a DNC aide. More broadly, the release of the ad reflects a virtual starting point of “an intense final two and half weeks of get out the vote activities that will include the President, First Lady, Vice President and DNC Chairman Tim Kaine crisscrossing the country on behalf of Democrats.”

It is the first DNC ad to run on BET this cycle, and is part of an unprecedented commitment, from the committee, totaling $3 million in paid advertising on African American media outlets.