*Yesterday, T.I. sat down with Atlanta DJ Ryan Cameron on V103 to discuss his current situation where he faces 11 months of more jail time for parole violation. It was also an opportunity to reunite with Joshua, the attempted jumper.

T.I. seems to be conflicted about his predicament. It could even be argued that he’s playing the victim card. On the one hand he says he takes responsibility for his actions, but still thinks he’s being dropped kicked by the public for no good reason.

“I have been in a position to see clearly just how quick people … the public will just throw you away,” he laments. They would rather see you suffer than see you shine.”

He goes on to say that while his actions have been unacceptable, he doesn’t see them as unforgivable. In any event, it’s definitely worth watching:

So, bottom line, is T.I. playing the victim card? And if so, is it the right move? What’s his point?