*Terrence Howard is sporting stitches on his hand after he accidentally punched the windshield of his car while practicing kung-fu moves behind the wheel.

The star of NBC’s “Law & Order: Los Angeles” appeared on “The Tonight Show” Tuesday and cringed as he showed host Jay Leno his surgical wound.

Explaining the accident he said: “I’m sitting in the car and I’m thinking about the Bruce Lee days and all of the kung-fu stuff that people used to do, and I’m trying to drive and I made a fool of myself in the process.

“You know how Bruce Lee used to do that little short one-inch punch? I’m thinking I can do that in front of the rear view mirror. That one-inch punch. That mirror hit back. I broke the mirror, broke the windshield – I’m strong!”

Howard immediately took himself to the hospital, where his wife filmed him screaming as doctors stitched up two of his fingers.

Sharing the footage, he laughed, “I filmed it when I was going to the hospital because it looked like they were killing me!”

Watch below…