*Oh Lord! Here we go again. Remember back in December of 2007 when ex-B2K member Raz B created a YouTube video telling the world that he had been sexually molested by producer Chris Stokes and then a few days later recanted his accusations?

Well apparently the meds have stopped working ’cause he’s back with another video accusing Marques Houston of molestation.

Marques Houston

This new video shows the one-time boy group member having a conversation that quickly descends into a screaming match with Houston about singer and former B2K member Omarion, making claims of him being bipolar and on prescription drugs:

“Why is Omari going on radio in New York and overseas and saying that I haven bipolar and I take pills. …Right now I’m upset and I’m affected and I’ve been affected since I was 13-years-old. Marques, you’re not listening to me! I called you this morning!!!”

Watch the crazy drama:

Raz B also released a video accusing Bishop Eddie Long (who still hasn’t quite denied the allegations), Marques Houston and his cousin Chris Stokes of being pedophiles: