Weldon A. McDougal III

*EUR has learned that legendary record producer and A&R executive Weldon A. McDougal has died in Philadelphia After a brief hospitalization. The exact cause of death is not known. McDougal

According to Maximum-Jackson.com, McDougal was known for having two or three great careers in the music business. He did so much that it’s hard to nail down just one contribution. His greatest works came with Motown and Philadelphia International Records.

The article goes on to say that “McDougal’s greatest contribution to the Soul world may have come with discovering a young group called the Jackson 5.” Though history has muddied up the story a bit, some say it was Gladys Knight, some say it was McDougal and Bobby Taylor who discovered the late King of Pop and his brothers. Read what McDougal says about it here.

Hailing from West Philadelphia, Weldon Arthur McDougal III has contributed to the musical evolution of the Sound of Philadelphia for over four decades. As a songwriter, recording artist, group bandleader and independent producer, he has helped shape and influence the creation and development of Philly sound since the early 1960s.

As a founding member and co-owner of the now legendary Harthon/Dynodynamics record labels alongside Luther Randolph and Johnny Stiles, Weldon produced diverse local Philly artists including Eddie Holman, Barbara Mason, the Volcanoes, Larry Clinton, Nella Dodds, Cindy Gibson, Herb Ward, and many others.

McDougal produced Barbara Mason’s Philly classic Top 10 hit, “Yes, I’m Ready”  which is one of the first examples of the sweet, lush orchestrated sound that came to be called Philly soul.  In the 1970’s, McDougal continued to produce while working nationally at Motown records.

At EUR press time, funeral/memorial services were not known.