Roger Clayton

*EUR just been informed that one of the key pioneers of West Coast hip hop/rap, Rodger Clayton, has died. Clayton, 51, passed away of a heart attack Sunday morning.

If you’re not familiar with Clayton, and his influence on hip hop on the West Coast, here’s what Davey D wrote in his blog:

Just got word this morning that yesterday one of the key architects and pillars for West Coast Hip Hop passed away.. We’re talking about Roger Clayton aka Mr Prinze of the pioneering legendary crew Uncle Jamms Army. This is the 4th pioneering figure the West Coast has lost in the past few years.

It was just last week folks buried Danny ‘Fut’ James who ran the influential Impact Record pool dating back to 1982. We lost Michael Mixxing Moore and Skeeter Rabbit within a month of each other 2 years ago. We also lost Mixmaster Spade.

Here in the Bay we just lost Mr Fantastic aka Melvin to a heart attack. It’s a shame that these important figures were never honored before their passing outside of LA.

Losing Clayton is major. It like losing one of NY’s main architects for this culture. It would be like NY losing Afrika Bambaataa.

Not only did Clayton and Uncle Jamms Army bring a unique West Coast sound and style to the game, because they were also party promoters who did those legendary dances at the LA Sports Arena, they were also responsible for turning LA folks onto the emerging rap from NY. They used to also bring out acts like Run DMC, Kurtis Blow and LL Cool J to name a few.

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Listen to Uncle Jamm’s Army’s “Dial-A-Freak” (featuring the Egyptian Lover):