*Los Angeles — Actor Xango Henry has been receiving wide acclaim for his role in the controversial film Nude Nuns with Big Guns and just off the heels of this exclusive trailer screening in Los Angeles, Xango Henry will be seen in Brian Feeney’s psycho horror flick, The Echo Game this Halloween.

In this chiller thriller, Xango Henry portrays the character of Henry whose assistance in committing diabolical acts is pivotal to the story line.

The Echo Game will screen from East to West Coast during the Halloween season.

Screenings left: The 5th Annual Spooky Movie Film Festival in Washington DC October 21st through 25th, as per listings in the IMDB.

See Xango Henry in the film trailer here:

Xango Henry is an in-demand actor with a ready-to-go work-ethic. Xango stresses the importance of keeping his acting skills sharp as a blade. He does so by accepting role after role portraying a variety of characters. In addition to dramatic roles, Xango can be seen in several national commercials which are running concurrently.

Xango Henry’s action hero physique, height and ability to strike an intimidating look sets him apart from the rest. The rumor mill is reporting that Xango (pronounced Shango) is a strong contender to portray the greatest horror film character of all times…Frankenstein.

Xango is a chameleon that can run the gamut from scary to sexy and everything in between.

For further information on Xango Henry, log on to www.xangohenry.com.


Eugenia Wright / ISA PR
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