*50 Cent took credit for the sudden shutdown of popular rap blog World Star Hip-Hop yesterday morning…although it was back up and running hours later with the tag, “Website Officially Open for Business.”

According to theboombox.com, many in the hip hop community attributed the site’s temporary disappearance to the Department of Homeland Security’s fierce war on piracy that shut down hip-hop sites like OnSmash and Rap Godfathers in an online raid last fall.

But then 50 Cent sent out a tweet that took credit for World Star Hip-Hop’s sudden pause.

“I don’t know why people underestimate me. I just shut down WORLDSTAR for future advertising contact thisis50.com suckers lol,” the rapper tweeted. “I put worldstar to bed, you don’t believe try me I will shut your s— down. Lol.”

In an interview with Hot 97, the CEO/owner of World Star Hip Hop, “Q,” attributed the temporary shutdown to technical difficulties – not Homeland Security,and certainly not 50 Cent.  Click here to listen.

Hours after the site returned, 50 backtracked on his earlier claims, tweeting: “I didn’t shut them down. If I rob a bank I wouldn’t tell you I did…maybe I did. It’s up to the public to decide.”

According to theboombox.com, 50 had actually sued the site in November 2009 for using his image and content without permission. At the time, he claimed that he would use his massive wealth and corporate lawyers to bleed the site dry. If his claims are true, it appears 50 has done just that.

“I have lawyers on retainers and I have to pay them so much money anyway, so we’ll go back and forth to court until (they) can’t afford a Subway sandwich,” he said at the time. “It’s already too late for (them).”

50 also warned that other sites were firmly in his crosshairs and predicted that two more blogs will be shuttered this week due his tireless battles.

“I predict 2 more web sites will shut down this week. Take a guess who they are. I’m sick of the hate I’m [too] strong,” he tweeted.