*The Department of Housing and Urban Development is proposing a rule that addresses allegations of discrimination and diminished equal access for homosexuals and their families.

HUD will publish in the Federal Register a newly proposed rule to allow equal access to HUD-based programs regardless of sexual orientation or gender identification. In a summary of the proposed rule, the government agency states:

“HUD administers programs designed to meet the goal of ensuring decent housing and suitable living environment for all. In pursuit of this goal, it is HUD’s responsibility to ensure that all who are otherwise eligible to participate in HUD’s programs have equal access to these programs and have the opportunity to compete fairly for HUD funds without being subject to arbitrary exclusion.”

Its proposed rule would prevent landlords from inquiring about an applicant’s sexuality and/or gender identity. It would also prevent them from basing any decision-making on sexuality and/or gender identity, among other things.

For Dr. Warren Throckmorton, associate professor of Psychology at Grove City College and founder of The Golden Rule Initiative, HUD’s proposed rule is reminiscent of remarks made by Baptist televangelist Jerry Falwell.

“I think that [Falwell] made a statement that ‘housing and employment are not special rights.’ They are civil rights that everyone has,” he shared.

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