*A 375-pound slab of concrete that contains hand and foot impressions from Michael Jackson, along with his signature, will go on the auction block in Los Angeles next month, its auctioneer said.

The item is dubbed the “Broken Heart Stone,” said auction house Nate D. Sanders, because a surface crack runs through a heart design within Jackson’s left palm print.

The online auction, to be held at http://www.natedsanders.com, will end on February 15.

The slab dates from 1984 when Jackson made the impression for a Las Vegas Walk of Fame project that never materialized. [See photo above.] It was discovered in the Riviera Hotel basement in 2006 and raffled-off to a guest, who in turn sold it for an undisclosed sum to its current owner in 2009.

Coincidentally the consignor, Andy Wilson of Santa Maria, Calif., was an acquaintance of Jackson’s, and bought it with the star’s blessing.

Sanders told Reuters on Wednesday that the slab could sell for more than $100,000. His firm last month auctioned off another unorthodox piece of memorabilia, selling the rotting coffin of suspected John F. Kennedy assassin Lee Harvey Oswald for more than $87,000.