*It’s a sad day for the fans and supporters of MTV show “From G’s to Gents” contestant, Baron “Dirty” Colon. He was charged for the murder of artist Marcelo Vera.

Colon was arrested last week for a robbery gone fatal in January 2006. But in a moment of clarity and realizing his life was no good example for his children, he decided to change his life around.

“I got two kids. I want to be in the gentleman’s club because I want to change, for them,” Colon said during the first episode. “If I don’t change, there’s only going to be two things: prison, or death.”

Well it looks like that time has come and gone and jail may be his future.
According to reports, an informant named Colon as the shooter, disclosing details “ranging from the caliber of the weapons used in the homicide, the fact that the victim was a skinny male who put up a fight, and that he and [an accomplice] fled the scene and spent the night outside, even sleeping in bushes the night of the murder to make sure he evaded police.”

Colon allegedly conspired with Stephany Concepcion and two others to rob the named victim who was known to keep large amounts of cash in his home.

Concepcion was arrested and pleaded guilty to a second-degree murder and was sentenced to 15 years. She agreed to testify in Colon’s case. His arraignment is scheduled for Jan. 28.