*Uh oh, somehow we know it only a matter of time before the doo doo came out. We’re talking about Steve Harvey’s ex-wife of 16 years, Mary, putting bruh man on serious blast.

Not sure what her total motivation is, but she wants everyone to know that the successful radio host/”relationship expert”/comedian/actor/author that we all know as Steve Harvey is not the same man she married.

In the video, she details Steve’s cheating with his mistresses, including one chick who sent a letter to Mary about condoms on the nightstand, and how he cheated on Mary with his current wife Marjorie, who according to sources, was one of his mistresses.

All we can say is whoa! And … pass the popcorn!

UPDATE … When we originally published this story Saturday morning (01-22-11), only part 2 (video #2) had been posted. That’s where most of the “meat” or “juice” of this story is. In part 3 Mary details how Steve is suing her because she’s the reason he didn’t get a show on Oprah’s OWN channel. And in Part 1 she tells what the impetus was for for going public and gives background on how she and Steve met.