*TLC singer, Chili hosted a pajama party with friends who soaked in the juicy details of her private life and search for love on “What Chili Wants.” And during the conversation, she told her guests that Michael Jackson was always her true love.

She disclosed the juicy details of their secret “love affair.”

“Don’t nobody talk about Mike…that is my husband. We kissed twice on the lips, thank you…The first time I met Michael Jackson we hugged. He was not going for the lips at first…he went here and I went like that, I got half the lips…The last time I was around him he grabbed my face and said, ‘I know that face!’…He grabbed me and kissed me right on the lips.”

Hilarious! Maybe they did kiss, but they were only married in her mind of course. She added later that she would have given up a long passionate tongue kiss for him.

Rasha Entertainment caught the footage, check out Chili talking kissing MJ below.