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I’m Japhena-Kay and my subject for today is From Dusk to Dawn.

It’s approximately 6am, and while taking a brisk, 3 mile walk, in the crisp morning air, with my husband, he turns to me and says, “Wow Kay, look at that beautiful sunrise.”

He proceeds to describe, in detail, the picturesque clouds containing bold hints of red, and continues to speak of how blessed we are to be able to experience and share the beauty of nature, together, on a daily basis.

He then retrieved his cell phone from his waist, and attempted to call his mother. His mother, a lively woman, who has battled cancer for more than 18 years, didn’t answer the phone; my guess is she was screening her phone calls thinking, “Who has the audacity to phone my house this early! He left a detailed message of the sunrise on her voice mail and we continued to walk. Well, not more than two minutes passed and the cell phone rang. It was my mother-in-law, returning the call. Her response to the descriptive sunrise was unbelievable! You’d of thought someone had just given her a free, guaranteed one way ticket to Heaven with no possibility of returning to earth!

Listening to their conversation reminded me of the importance of a parent child relationship. She was truly amazed and excited about the awesome sunrise. If the sunrise had been a new creation, a business start up, of sorts, in this decade, she surely would have contributed venture capitalist monies, toward its success. Yet at that very moment I imagine that the high point of the call, was knowing that her 40 plus, year old son, while spending special time with his wife, loved her enough to call and share, what most would deem, a simple sunrise.

Life is busy. Do we actually take the proper time to teach one another, namely our children, to appreciate the simple yet BIG things in life? I don’t mean big cars, big houses, big titles, all of which are wonderful things, but things like a sunrise, a sunset, spending time laying on your back, in the soft grass, comparing shapes and figures you create in your minds eye, from the fluffy white clouds floating above.

Japhena Says, “Let’s get back to the basics as often as possible, for if we can truly appreciate the organic features of the world around us, we can truly appreciate one another.”

Japhena Says, “Make a conscious effort this week to spend a little quality time with a child or a parent who, for whatever reason, you’ve been too busy to place on your calendar; a simple text can be a start.

I’ve been told by many women and ironically, just this week I’ve been told by two more, to enjoy my boys while they are young, because once they grow up and leave the house, they will forget about you. My first thought was, you haven’t met my brother have you? My second thought was, how sad to know that this is the reality for many mothers. We don’t always make the right choices as parents, but with prayer, diligence, and consistency, we have a much better chance.

Japhena Says, “Go to your parents if you’re fortunate enough to still have them, and say, as in the lyric from The Sound of Music, “Somewhere in my youth or childhood…you must have done something good. If it’s to your child, say, “I must have done something good.”

As my husband and I finished our walk, I couldn’t help thinking, about the fact that my husband grew up in California, and in his living room was fortunate to have had a huge picture window facing the West, where he was able to see, learn about and appreciate a beautiful sunset. While, simultaneously, I was being raised in Oregon with a huge picture window, in my living room, facing the east. This allowed me to watch, learn, and appreciate the essence of a beautiful sunrise every morning, with the famous Mt. Hood in my view. I thought to myself just maybe we’ve always been connected through the rising and the setting of the sun. If so, that would certainly explain our deep connection with one another.

Japhena Says…Until next time,


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