Kelly Price

*Kelly Price, a veteran voice in the industry, commented recently about Jazmine Sullivan’s decision to take a break from music. Price gave a few words of wisdom, being that she’s seen it all and been through it all since her start as a teen in the music business.

“The very first thing I said when I heard that is she needs some different people around her,” Kelly Price tells “She is one of the most incredibly gifted people that we’ve had in this new wave of singers. She’s one the most memorable vocalists in this era of singers.”

She continued saying:

“It does get difficult because she does have to contest with the fact that she has a voice that is in fact a ‘voice. It’s not typical, it’s not common, it’s very unique; she’s not cookie-cutter; you can’t duplicate what she does just by going and picking some other kid off the street and say I want you to do what Jazmine Sullivan does.”

Price obviously understands the challenges and even the stresses her young peer is going through right now. Her encouragement is for her to just keeping doing what she does best and be comfortable being the woman she is living in her own skin.

“She needs to sing what’s in her heart; she needs to sing what’s in her soul.”