*Ledisi is back in the studio, making her fans another bomb album. As a follow-up to her very popular “Turn Me Loose,” the Grammy-nominated songbird is dedicating her sixth album to songwriting.

“The new album is based around songwriting. It’s very R&B, but not completely,” she says. “I always have to push it again. You won’t hear the heavy guitars anymore – you will hear a really nice sound from me.”

She continued, explaining this next project is going to be a little different than the rest. It will include a variety of styles.

“This album is so much easier because I had the experience with ‘Turn Me Loose’,” she says. “Now, I’m so into songwriting – it made it seem so easy. Now, I’ve learned to take a song and exhaust every possibility. It’s good to go everywhere around the world (with songwriting) to come back. Sometimes (the final one) is good, but the first one is better. It’s exhausting, but worth it. I feel like I’ve done everything with that song.”

Her sixth, untitled album is expected to drop some time next year.