*Sometimes you just have to keep going to get there. To celebrate my birthday this year, I decided to go on a solo trip to Antigua (yes, me, myself and I). It would mark my third self reflection and planning trip alone and I was so excited.

It was Tuesday and my plans were set. I was leaving on 5:30am flight the next day. I’d even booked a hotel at the airport so that I could be at the airport on time and not get caught with a taxi who was timid about driving in the snow. I was going to pack a little later, but for now, I had a little work and cleaning to do before my trip. While I was out running errands and picking up a few personal items, something in my spirit told me to call the airlines.

Whoa!! My flight for 5:30am the next morning had already been canceled due to the impending snow storm. Are you kidding me? I rush home to get on the internet and call the airlines to see how I might get out that night. As you can imagine, with the impending weather, the lines were busy, the flights were booked and it looked like, at least to most people, that I was not going to be going on my trip. However, I had to keep going until I got there.

With the help of a dear friend, working the internet while I worked the phones, we found a flight out of Providence (my original flight was out of Boston) at 5:05pm. It was now 2:30pm and I hadn’t packed a thing. In addition, I was supposed to pick up my boys and take them to basketball practice. I still had to negotiate with American to honor the second leg of my trip from Miami to Antigua. I had to keeping going to get there.

So, the flight was booked and I ran into my room and literally threw clothes into a bag. At a minimum, I knew I had a few bathing suits, flip flops, and toiletries. The rest of what I packed was up in the air. My goal was to get to Antigua. It was now 3:00pm. I still had to make arrangements for the boys to be picked up. Their dad came to the rescue. Whew! I had to keep going until I got there.

I arrive at the airport at 4:10pm. Flight is at 5:05pm. Given the number of last minute flights booked, the approval process was taking a very long time. Although credit card was approved, no ticket number had been assigned yet. I get approved, ticketed and bags checked at 4:24pm. Whew! Next up,  the flight had to go through Newark, New Jersey which was also expecting snow storm beginning that evening at 7:00pm. I get to Newark and it is already snowing. At 8:45pm and after deicing the plane, we leave.

I get to Miami at midnight and I have no place to stay. A wonderful angel of a flight attendant from Continental books me a room at a nearby hotel with a distress voucher. Sweet! Finally, I am in my hotel room in Miami, far from the snow and any known obstacles that would keep me from my trip to Antigua. I leave Miami at 11:00am the next morning and I finally arrive in Antigua at my originally scheduled time of 3:15pm. Let the self reflection and relaxation begin.

Life will test you to see how badly you want what you’re after. Peace, education, a business, a great body, a new car, a promotion and more is yours to have. Begin and keep going, so you can get there. For an even more profound example, read GRIND: How to Turn Your Coffee Break into Your Big Break by C.J. Miller. It’s a book with many lessons and the most important is “keep going so you can there”. GRIND. To pre-order the paperback go to www.askcjmiller.com or download at Amazon.com http://tinyurl.com/4or8sbq.

Monica Cost is communications strategist, brand manager and respected corporate and motivational speaker. She is the President and Founder of Evidently Assured, a brand & talent management firm.  Email her at:  [email protected] Follow her via Twitter: @monicacost and www.Facebook.com/monicahairstoncost.