*TMZ is reporting that Montana Fishburne feels she’s been hoodwinked by prosecutors who she claims went back on a plea deal she struck, and her lawyer has now gone to court to try and enforce the agreement.

In August, the budding porn star allegedly beat her boyfriend’s ex and was being prosecuted for assault with a deadly weapon. She was arrested last February after allegedly barging into the victim’s home, forcing her into the bathroom and beating her.

According to TMZ, Montana’s lawyer, Shawn Chapman Holley, filed legal papers in L.A. Wednesday, claiming last June, prosecutors who filed the assault case agreed to allow Montana to enter a rehab program for 90 days, and in return she’d get no jail time.

Holley says Montana, relying on the L.A. City Attorney’s offer, entered a rehab facility, where she’s been since September.  But, prosecutors did an about-face in November and told her they wanted Montana to serve 120 days in jail, according to Holley.

Now Holley has gone to the judge, asking her to enforce the deal her client relied on.

TMZ reports that Montana has now decided to spend 180 days in the rehab facility.