*Songwriter, producer and disco king Nile Rodgers is currently fighting an aggressive cancer. The guitarist recently came out of surgery and is recovering well according to reports.

He revealed his struggle via his blogpost saying:

“everything in my happy-music universe imploded.” He has yet to reveal what kind of cancer it is, Rodgers did acknowledge that he needed to make decisions quickly, including this unexpected surgery to remove a tumor.

Now he is recovering at home and taking long walks and sharing his life with the world.

“[It was] the most terrifying period of my life,” he said. “Death was looming just around the corner but I acted upbeat for my sake as well as folks around me.”

In his blog he describes his journey fighting cancer and shares some intimate moments.

“‘We Are Family’ was playing and the whole staff was singing along. I said, ‘Wow, that’s my song!’ And they looked at me like I was nuts. I’ve known everyone in this eatery for about 20 years – but none of them knew I co-wrote it. My eyes welled up with tears.”

Rodgers is working hard to recover quickly and restore his health so he can get back to enjoying life with just a little more appreciation this time around.