*Gucci Mane, who was recently released from a psychiatric facility after pleading “mental incompetency” regarding a probation violation, suddenly has an ice cream cone tattooed onto his face.

The rapper, 30, is sporting a cone with three scoops on his right cheek, complete with the word “Brrr” and several red lightning bolts.

The ink was completed by tattoo artist Shane Willoughby, according to piercer Jason Murray, who posted photos of the two on Twitter.

Mane claimed in court on Jan. 3 that he was unable to “intelligently participate in the probation revocation hearing.” He was then committed to a mental health facility, where he was to be evaluated.

It is unclear why he was released or what it means for his probation status.

While Mane’s legal problems date back to 2001, his most recent issues stem from resisting arrest in November following an alleged assault.