*Former Diddy associate Shyne has transformed tremendously. Now the rapper is moving to Israel and applying for permanent citizenship.

“We are getting this dual citizenship thing going,” Shyne said in a recent interview with an Israeli news outlet.

He will be appearing on a local religious music program called, “Tuesday Night Live,” where he will be performing and possibly sitting down for an interview. The episode is set to premiere some time in February.

So far, the rapper (born Jamal Michael Barrow, now known as  Moses Levi), has released two new songs in Israel called “Roller Song” and “The Original.” The tracks have created enough attention for him to move on with his career. In the meantime, he’s working on his faith.

While he hasn’t made the complete transition yet, Shyne is steadily moving toward the most conservative form of Judaism and will become a Hasidic Jew.

With his music talent and progressive religious conversion, the rapper is making an obvious merge of the two.

“I make music for the masses,” Shyne revealed. “Moses Levi has a great impact on the music that Shyne makes, and I’m sure in the future you might see that, but I never prophesied that I’d be making religious music.”