*Piers Morgan, the man who replaced Larry King on CNN, had Oprah Winfrey as his first guest earlier this week. And despite the fact that it’s Oprah we’re talking about, he was panned by the NY Times for not only praising her too much, but for selecting someone the public supposedly already knows too well.

Regardless, it certainly looks like he and she had a good time. The two wound up placing a bet on who could land an interview with Michael Vick first.

Morgan started the wager at 100 pounds, but Winfrey, being a multi-billionaire, raised the stakes to a whopping 200 pounds.

A very funny bet between what looks like two new friends, but it is all in fun. Both of them are working diligently to pull this one off. But there is another addition to the gamble; Barbara Walters has placed her bet as well.