*That Cee Lo Green is funny guy. Check out this lil’ ditty where he does a send up of Bravo’s interview series “Inside the Actor’s Studio.”

Here, he takes on the persona of host/interviewer James Lipton, complete with ridiculous white face and beard. And of course, he plays himself. Yes, it’s Cee Lo interviewing Cee Lo.

More than being funny, which it is, kinda sorta, it gives you insight into the mind of Mr. Green. And what’s on his mind? Women and sex. Surprise, surprise.


In other Cee Lo news, last night he was the musical guest on the latest episode of ‘Saturday Night Live’ on NBC. Along with his all-female band, he performed his Grammy-nominated smash hit “F*ck You,” but because it was over the air TV, the lyic was changed to “Forget You.”

Check it out: