*The homosexuals vs. the Christian war is one that shows no sign of falling back anytime soon, especially with the most recent attacks.

Bishop E.W. Jackson Sr. of STAND (Staying True to America’s National Destiny) is calling homosexual activists bigots and haters after criticizing Chik-Fil-A for supporting pro-family groups and events.

Now gays are boycotting and banning the business from college campuses. They’ve labeled it anti-gay, calling it “Jesus Chicken.”

“This is further proof of the insidious and dangerous hatred by homosexual activists of any Christian who dares try to live out their biblical values,” the civic leader commented. “The problem in society today is not hatred of homosexuals, but hatred by homosexuals of anyone who refuses to say ‘amen’ to their sexual behavior,” said Bishop Jackson.

He further explained that this move by activists is simply uncalled for and is border line ridiculous. Jackson explained that the establishment is simply endorsing the whole family, as “God ordained it.” It’s not an attack on anyone:

“When we do programs to support the family, we are not thinking about homosexuality, but for homosexuals, any endorsement of the family as God ordained it is an attack on them. It demonstrates their paranoid obsession with getting the society to endorse their lifestyle and silencing those who won’t.”

So in response to the gay community’s progressive move, Jackson is calling other Christians to buycott Chik-Fil-A.