*Politics are simply off the chain these days. Chicago mayoral candidate and former US Senator Carol Moseley Braun called her opponent, Patricia Van-Pelt Watkins a crack head (!) at a private forum held at a church.

Actually she called her a crack addict and yes we said it went down at a church. That church, Trinity United, where Jeremiah Wright’s used to pastor.

Anyway, it’s obviously a vicious battle between candidates. Braun has been going toe-to-toe with former White House Chief of Staff, Rahm Emanuel, but it got real ugly when she stood up 80 minutes into the debate to rattle off her thoughts about her female political enemy.

Oh but Van-Pelt Watkins is not a crack addict, although she did consume drugs in her past. She had few blows herself, but Braun’s attack was simply a reaction to her opponent’s punches against her. She basically called her (Moseley Braun) a “Jill-Come-Lately” to the South Side of Chicago.

Wow, Chicago politics. Ya gotta love it.

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