*Legendary b-baller, Dr. J is being sued for nearly a half million dollars.

According to a lawsuit filed by 71-year-old Mary Gilbert, Julius Erving tricked her into investing in a “lucrative” limited partnership called Commonwealth Investors.

The wealthy Manhattan woman is asking for more than $420,000 and is blaming the star for the loss of funds, reports the NY Post.

Gilert claims that both former NBA star Erving and shady money manager Kenneth Starr told her “that Erving was facing a capital call from the partnership and that if Gilbert would finance a portion of this capital call, Erving would assign to her a percentage of his interest in the partnership,” her Manhattan federal court filing says.

In exchange for nearly $257,000 in cash, Erving, 60, allegedly promised Gilbert 33 percent of all his Commonwealth distributions until she was paid back and 30 percent of his returns after that.

She also claims that Erving concealed critical information about the partnership.

Court papers say Gilbert uncovered the alleged scam after hiring experts to review her finances following Starr’s arrest last year.

Starr is currently awaiting sentencing March 2 for running a $50 million Ponzi scheme.