*In case you haven’t heard by now, comedian Eddie Griffin has a new TV special out called “You Can Tell ‘Em I Said It.’ The same special can also be found on DVD.

We don’t know what it is about Eddie on this one, but he takes it there.  All the way there!  If you can think of a taboo subject that most comedians will not touch, he can think of a way to touch it.

Recently Griffin sat down with Lee Bailey to discuss the new comic offering.

“I was inspired by an attack of lunacy that’s been going on in the world and I thought I would throw my voice out there and try to bring some sanity back in the game,” Eddie explained.

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In the past we have interviewed comedians and stand ups that will not touch certain subject.  Maybe it was because we haven’t seen him do stand up in a minute or so, but is Eddie trying to over do the shock value thing?

“Not at all,” said Griffin.  “I think my gig is I’ve been that way since I’ve been on Def Jam and that’s to be the one that dares to jump across the line and take freedom of speech to new heights so that everybody else feels it’s safe to say whatever they want to say.  ‘If he says that then I’m definitely not going to be afraid to say this’.

As far as the current residents of the White House are concerned, though Barack Obama has been taking his political lumps as of late, Michelle Obama has always appeared beyond the fray as far as black comics and commentators are concerned.  During his stand up Griffin tells the audience about some things he’d like to do to the first lady.  Quite ribald, indeed.  But can you really blame him?  She looks like she smells awfully good. 🙂

“That’s a compliment of the highest order because nobody has said that about the Bushes,” he explained.  He also took it straight to the throat of the former White House residents and the Tea Party as well.

“I had to man, come on.  There’s some inbreeding going on in there somewhere.  Not at all.  If we were partners hanging out having a drink, I’m going to say it.  When I get on stage I’m going to say it.  I just have to be myself.”

Though it is not unheard of for comedians to take shots at organized religion, the late George Carlin in particular, it is a little strange to see a black comedian talk about the Big G on stage.  Carlin was an atheist, is Griffin?

“Not at all,” he explained.  “I believe in God, I just do not subscribe to organized religion.  I don’t think God put in the Bible, at least not when I read it, build me a house on pristine hills.  I only like stained glass windows.  And, please, take their money.

Being from Kansas City, Missouri Griffin cannot help but have a few associates that are devout followers of one organized sect of religion or another.  We asked what they think of his new routine.

“I’ve got a couple friends of mine that are bishops,” said Griffin.  “I’ve got a lot of partners of mine that are bishops.  They say the way I say it is, at least for someone who is not religious, if they watch my concert at least it will spark interest and they will pull out the Bible and take a look just to see if I was right or wrong.”

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Some time ago, perhaps 10 years or so, Eddie Griffin was considered the hands on favorite to star in a biopic about the life of Richard Pryor.  In fact, he was chosen by Pryor himself before his passing.  Things have changed and so has the person slated to star in that film as well.  The leading man is still largely undecided.

“It was Marlon (Wayans) at one time, but I heard that’s out as well.  I have no idea what they’re doing.  I don’t know.  Maybe there’s a conflict with how the story is being told. The director, the writer, the producer.  You know, behind the scenes crap always gets in the way.”

As far as Griffin’s upcoming projects are concerned, he told us about a concept that could be a doozey.  That is if it’s written and acted correctly.

“I’m getting ready to shoot a film that I wrote called ‘Mojo’,” he told our Lee Bailey.  “It’s actually a black history comedy.  It has to do with this black attorney who has gotten real ‘booghee’ and has forgotten where he came from.  Then his grandfather passes away in Louisiana and of course his family chooses him to do the eulogy because he’s an attorney.  He doesn’t make it because he has this big case.  So his grandmother, who’s a voodoo priestess, puts the mojo on him.  He falls asleep and wakes up on a plantation in the 1700s.  Knowledge of black history throughout the story is what saves him.”

We hope you put your foot all up in that one, brother!  In the meantime, you can catch Eddie’s new comedy special “You Can Tell ‘Em I Said It” on Comedy Central or you can skip the middle man and purchase the DVD.  We will certainly keep you updated on the time table for “Mojo” as it develops.

WATCH the trailer for “You Can Tell ‘Em I Said It.” Warning! NSFW (Not Safe for Work):

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