*R&B singer Macy Gray recently raised the issue very poignantly. She simply said, “What the Israeli government is doing to the Palestinians is disgusting, but I wanna go. I got a lotta fans there.” Gray was seeking feedback from her American fans as she wrestled with the issue of whether to join a boycott of Israel supported by a wide range of entertainers.

It appears that Gray has made a decision to travel to Tel Aviv in February to perform. But with Israeli treatment of Palestinians being compared to the suppression of Blacks during the days of white minority rule in South Africa, many activists are indeed calling on U.S. Blacks not to perform in the Jewish state. Should they comply?

Israelis and Palestinians have been locked in conflict for six decades, with the U.S. government generally favoring Israel. None of the various peace initiatives are producing positive results and the Jewish state continues to make matters worse by seizing Palestinian territory and building Jewish-only settlements on it.

Palestinians accuse Israel of operating a de-facto apartheid system similar to the way the white minority once oppressed Blacks in South Africa. Israel counters that Palestinian militants are intent on destroying the Jewish State and they actions against the Palestinians are thus justified.

What is your view? Should African American artists show support for the Palestinians by protesting alleged Israeli racism and suppression.

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