*What can we say about Flavor Flav? He’s unpredictable and quite interesting.

Since his phenomenal impact he’s had through his rap career with Public Enemy, he sort of revived himself, in a more pop culture kind of way, with reality television. Now he’s got his eye on another television production while he’s gearing up to finally earn his high school diploma.

That’s exactly what the show will be about, Flavor Flav getting a diploma. He wants the show to be called, “Flavor Flav Goes Back to High School.”

But it hasn’t been confirmed yet. Right now he’s in talks with the school board in Clinton, Iowa (where he recently opened up a chicken joint) to get the clearance.

“I want this show to be able to influence people my age, that if you dropped out of high school when you were young it’s never too late to go back to get your diploma,” he said.

But the superintendent, Deb Olson says he’s going to be a distraction.
Meanwhile, his book, “Icon” will release next month.