*Comedienne Sommore is preparing to hit the road this Friday to headline the Royal Comedy Tour, which is only right. She is one of the Queens of Comedy after all. Recently our commander-in-chief Lee Bailey sat down with her to discuss that tour, but we couldn’t help but ask will she be busting former King of Comedy Steve Harvey with any of her new material.  After all, he’s wide open for it right about now.

“I haven’t decided just yet,” said a hedging Sommore. “I have one or two in my repertoire that I haven’t quite decided on yet.  There are women out there that would listen to a man says no matter what,” said Sommore regarding Harvey’s book ‘Act Like a Lady, Think Like a Man’.  “Like Steve (Harvey) wrote a book about how to get a man. There are women out there that have written books that are probably saying the same thing.  But women are not going to listen to other women. They’re going to listen to what a man says. What’s up with that?”

But who better to tell a woman the secrets to getting, and keeping, a man than a man … right?

“If that’s the case then we should only read cook books that fat people write,” she quipped. “How’s a skinny girl going to tell you how to cook a cake?  I always think that you don’t want to burn bridges in this business, but you know?  But who am I?  I’m just a girl from New Jersey.”

Will any of her other tour mates, including D.L. Hughley among others, have any material?  We will just have to wait and see.

“I think they will.  Sometimes you have to wait and see how things are going to play out, but I think they will.  I think there’s definitely some Steve Harvey (jokes) on there.”

With that interview already in the can, we couldn’t help but ask our next interviewee what she thought of the subject of a man writing a relationship book geared towards women.  It was Tionna Tee Smalls, the wing(wo)man to Chili on the VH1 show “What Chili Wants.”  Smalls, who doesn’t quite live up to her name (if you know what we mean), is  about to drop a relationship book as well.  When asked whether or not she agreed with Mr. Harvey’s philosophy here’s what she had to say:

“I definitely will not follow his approach,” said Smalls.  “I would only listen to a man when it comes to asking him something about my man.  But when it comes to a man telling a woman what to do with her body or her life or her emotions?  No, I wouldn’t listen because I don’t really think a man could really tell a woman how to react in a personal relationship.  No!  If it were a situation where I called you up and you said ‘Your man is acting this way because of this or that’  then I would listen to you.  But in terms of you telling me ‘You’re acting like this because your emotions are here’ then I’m like, no!  You don’t know nothing about me.”

We know people out there are wondering why we’re asking women how they feel about Mr. Harvey’s book, but we just wanted to get a guage as to how some of our interview subjects felt about it.  After we all, we already know how the former Mrs. Harvey feels about it.

“You’re not a woman,” continued  Smalls.  “Only a woman knows what a woman goes through.”

Well that goes both ways. We should have asked her whether she agrees with women who constantly say they want a “real” man.  So, if we’re to follow her line of thinking, a woman couldn’t possibly know what a “real” man is because she’s not a man. She couldn’t possibly know what constitutes a good or bad one. But she can say whose a good or bad person because she is one. Darn it! Should have followed up with that one.  Anywho, when we informed her of the book’s title “Act Like a Lady, Think Like a Man” she cooled her jets just a bit.

“Well, that’s good advice. I agree with that. But when it comes down to Steve Harvey, I never really met the guy so I really can’t relate,” she admitted.  “At the time his book came out I was writing my own book and I didn’t really want people to say that I was biting something from his book.   Some of the things he says I really don’t agree with and that’s something that we’re really going to have to sit down about.  Our thoughts are very different.  Like, he doesn’t think you should have sex for the first 3 months and I know some people who didn’t have sex for the first 3 months and they still split up quick.  Certain things we differ in and other things we say are similar.  When he says women need to think like men, I do think women need to act like men sometimes.  Acting like a woman sometimes is not good because we’re emotional and so forth.”

We want to commend both Sommore and Tee Smalls.  We tried to bait them a little bit and they simply would not go all in on Mr. Harvey like we expected.  We will have more on our discussion with Sommore about the upcoming Royal Comedy Tour and Tionna Tee Smalls and her book “Girl Get Your Mind Right” in upcoming editions of EURweb.com