*Here’s a bizarre and sad story. A cautionary tale of being happy with who you are and what the good Lord gave you.

Earlier this week a British college student named Claudia Aderotimi died after attempting to pursue her dream to become a Hip Hop video vixen by getting butt implants.

The 20-year-old university student, who went by the stage name Carmella London, flew to Philadelphia to get silicone put in her bottom, as the British say, to enhance her curves in an illegal operation at cheap Philadelphia hotel.

Her friends say she always thought a bigger booty would make her famous.

Aderotimi, whose family is Nigerian,  auditioned in the past but was rejected because her butt was too small.

During auditions, she was known for wearing booty pads to make an impression on judges and producers. But eventually that didn’t work out.

So she ended up paying $1600 for procedure that killed her.

According to police, she may have been injected with industrial silicone that used as a sealant and possibly injected into her veins. Twelve hours after being injected with the strange substance Monday, she began complaining of chest pains. She died Tuesday morning.

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