*Halle Berry is in a full out war to gain custody of her two-year-old daughter, Nahla, with ex-boyfriend Gabriel Aubry.

According to the actress, her child is possibly in danger and she fears for her daughter’s life.

TMZ recently reported that Halle is convinced something is going on because when her ex picks the baby up for visits, she throws hysterical tantrums and cries incessantly.

Even though two-year old Nahla can’t communicate exactly what is bothering her, Halle’s mother wit says something is awry. Earlier this week we reported that the actress pulled out of the film “New Years Eve” to fight for custody of Nahla.

In other news on the Halle Berry front …

The Oscar winner just revealed a new product called … Reveal! The new fragrance launches this month and introduces a new side of the sexy 44-year-old. It combines fruity flavors with Halle’s favorite flower, mimosa, and a few other soft scents.

Reveal can be found at halleberryfragrances.com.