*If you missed it last night, in the second part of “The Real Housewives of Atlanta” reunion, Phaedra was grilled about the date of her baby’s conception and love of strippers, Kandi broke down twice, Kim admitted she owed Kandi money, NeNe admitted to nothing and Sheree, at long last, brought the words “She by Sheree” back to the show.

OK, here’s some of the breakdown:

Phaedra was pregnant when she got married. After a season of talking in circles, Atlanta’s Southern Belle delivered some straight talk. Sort of. “I might have been a month to a month-and-a-half pregnant when I got married,” she said, but only after being drilled by viewer questions about it. She said, in fact, she always knew her official due date, but that she had a problematic pregnancy and “at no point in time did anyone care about me as a person,” only “the gossiping.” Persistent viewers who wrote in to the reunion also wanted Phaedra to spell out what her husband Apollo had gone to prison for. That would be racketeering, “a white collar crime,” she said.

Kandi received only $3,000-4,000 for her producing “Tardy for the Party.” Kandi estimated that the song has “at least” earned Kim a (may we say shocking) $80,000 to $100,000. But what really got to Kandi was that Kim hadn’t done anything to correct the situation despite their friendship. It’s one of the only ones on Atlanta that appears genuine, too; earlier in the hour, Kandi explained that she and Kim bonded over being single moms, a side to their relationship viewers don’t see on the show.

“I don’t like to argue about money with friends, but what irritated me was… you know good and well you didn’t put up no money, you didn’t put up anything” for “Tardy for the Party” in the beginning, Kandi said through tears. When pressed by Andy for a reaction, Kim said, “Kandi, you could have taken all the money… I will be forever grateful to you for letting me live my dream… I don’t want to see her look like this… Yes, I owe her money. To me, it’s not about money. You can’t put a price on friendship with Kandi. She can have all the money.” (On the Watch What Happens: Live after-show, Kandi said that Kim reached out to her after the reunion was filmed, but no money has yet been exchanged. Their second collaboration, “The Ring Didn’t Mean A Thing” has still not been released.)

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