*Halle Berry may may have expressed hesitation about playing Aretha Franklin in a biopic, but there’s another Oscar winner who said she would jump at the chance.

Newly svelte Jennifer Hudson, a Best Supporting Actress Oscar winner for 2006’s “Dreamgirls,” admitted to Access Hollywood on Thursday that she wouldn’t say no to the part.

“I’ve been hearing a lot [of talk] about this lately,” Jennifer told Access as she rehearsed for Clive Davis’ pre-Grammy party honoring David Geffen in Los Angeles. “We met a couple of years ago actually, about I don’t know what, but if I get that opportunity I would love to do it.”

Jennifer, who will perform an Aretha song – “Natural Woman”- at Clive’s annual bash before music’s biggest night, said she would consider the opportunity to play the Detroit diva a delight.

“I would be honored. That would be amazing to be a part of that,” Jennifer said.

Aretha is well aware that Jennifer will perform one of her classics at Clive’s big event, and Jennifer revealed to Access that the legend recently contacted her about the cover.

“Aretha called me out of the blue last Friday and we were chatting on the phone and I told her,” Jennifer explained. “She was trying to get an idea of what was going on; she knows what’s going on at the Grammys.”

As previously reported, Jennifer, alongside Christina Aguilera, Martina McBride, Florence Welch of Florence and The Machine and Yolanda Adams will take part in a tribute to Aretha at the start of the Grammys, but any further details about the performance is being kept under wraps.

Martina McBride, Jennifer Hudson and Florence Welch during a rehearsal for the Grammy's salute to Aretha Franklin.

At Clive’s party, Jennifer will perform “Where You At?” the first single off her sophomore album “I Remember Me,” due for release on April 25.

Chicago-bred Jennifer said Aretha, whose health has made headlines of late, is doing well.

“First thing, let me say… she was vital and we had fun and we’re planning [on] her coming to New York in the spring and [we’ll have] a special dinner,” Jennifer recounted of her conversation with Aretha. “Aretha’s great and she’s looking forward to hearing from me, you know, the special night, Saturday night… as well as the Grammys.”