*Los Angeles, CA – Jenesse Center, Inc. is proud to announce its youngest individual Silver Rose Honoree ever, Bryson Rouzan-Thomas.

Jenesse Center is a national non-profit organization that provides a holistic, comprehensive program to nurture victimized families back to a place of mental, financial, physical and emotional well-being.

Celebrating more than 30 years of continued service in the community, Jenesse will  honor Rouzan-Thomas at the 2011 Silver Rose Gala and Auction on Sunday, April 17, 2011 at the Beverly Hills Hotel and Bungalows.

Although only 17, Bryson Rouzan-Thomas is a longtime volunteer for Jenesse and has made it his mission to educate youth about the dangers of relationship violence. A senior at Loyola High School, Rouzan-Thomas has taken a leadership position among his peers, encouraging them, and their parents, to volunteer at Jenesse and to help make a real and lasting change in the lives of families in crisis.

Jenesse Board President Avis Frazier-Thomas said, “With all the hands on, dedicated service that Bryson has offered Jenesse and the community at large, it is his character even more than his contributions that has us in awe and draws us in…children, teens and adults alike.  Bryson is an African American young man who walks the walk.  We are so proud to celebrate Bryson’s ability to achieve such a high level of integrity and vision at such an early age, and to inspire so many by his example to do the same.”

Jenesse Silver Rose Chair Pat Greene agrees. “Bryson has been one of Jenesse’s most dedicated Teen Angels. I have been so inspired watching him build on what others have done before him. He continues to amaze me in the ways he is always expanding his volunteer work at Jenesse.”

Rouzan-Thomas works tirelessly on behalf of Jenesse’s families. He was one of the original counselors for Camp Jenesse, a summer enrichment program for the children who live at Jenesse. He has hosted large book drives, organized holiday parties for the families, and filmed a PSA on domestic violence that can be viewed on the Jenesse teen Angel Blog (http://jenesseteenangels.blogspot.com/).  Rouzan-Thomas also headed a project with his fellow Loyola classmates to renovate a two-bedroom, two-bath apartment at one of Jenesse’s residential facilities.

Inspired by his work at Jenesse and by President Obama’s credo that “we are the change we’ve been waiting for,”  Rouzan-Thomas co-founded The Change to further his and his friends goals to make improvements in the community wherever possible through project, programs and education. Last summer The Change, under the leadership of Rouzan-Thomas’, hosted a Youth Conversations Luncheon on behalf of Jenesse.  The goal was to educate teenage attendees, and their parents, on how to have healthy relationships in their own lives and on a Saturday afternoon, when most kids would be at the movies or the mall, over 200 participants were learning how to navigate themselves out of situations that could otherwise lead to violence, in a safe and responsible way.

Jenesse Executive Director Karen Earl said, “It is an honor for us to be able to recognize Bryson for all the work he has done on behalf of our families. Bryson gets it. When I was at The Change luncheon and saw that sea of young people, and their parents, who were brought together by Bryson and The Change — I saw hope.”

Angela N. Parker, Coordinator of the Jenesse Teen Angel Program said, “Bryson is truly remarkable and he has a profound connection with the children who live in the shelter. They know and love him and his interest in them makes them feel special. His dedication to Jenesse and our families has redefined what it means to serve those in crisis and is a reminder to us all that one person can make a difference.  Bryson has not done this work alone, nor does he want too. His gift lies in his ability to get his peers enthused about Jenesse and in his ability to build partnerships to create a more perfect world for his generation and beyond.”

To learn more about the 2011 Jenesse Silver Rose Weekend visit www.jenesse.org or call 323-299-9496.

Jeanine Taylor
JCEC Public Relations
[email protected]