*Kelly Rowland actually kept a diary documenting her video shoot with Nelly for their single “Gone,” which marks the pair’s first duet since 2002’s hit “Dilemma.”

Here’s her play-by-play, courtesy of Us Magazine…

6:00am — “Kelly, it’s six o’clock, wake up!” my assistant Susan yells. I just want 5 more minutes…

6:05am — “OK, it’s been 5 minutes,” Susan says. I look outside and Cancun is gray but still so beautiful. I have a good feeling about this video for “Gone” with Nelly!

6:30am — Paula Britt, my hairstylist, is doing my hair. She is gifted! She can make my hair look good even in this humid Cancun weather. Drinking water to stay hydrated and eating a banana. Gotta have energy, video shoots can be very long….

7:15am — Latasha Wright is doing my make-up and my eyes are looking AMAZING. But I have to stop writing because she is making me close my eyes and stay still…

7:45am — Daria Hines, my stylist, hands me my first look.

8:00am — My glam team and I are walking on set but it is a litttle overcast. Sharing a yummy breakfast burrito with the team while we wait for it to brighten up. Marc Klasfield, the video director, comes over and discuss the video. Nelly and I are supposed to play lovers… The video is about reconnecting with a lost love.

9:00am — First scene is by myself. I get to rock a fabulous black sexy cutaway bathing suit with a cute striped blazer. I am rolling around on a chaise, trying to be as seductive and sexy as I can without ruining any of my wardrobe!

10:00am — I smell food… Yum!

12:30pm — Finally, first scene is done and now I get to eat!! My team and I sit down to eat some chips and guac, and this amazing ceviche while Nelly does his solo scene. Craving chocolate but these clothes won’t let me.

3:00pm — My glam team and I head back up to my room so we can touch-up and change outfits.

3:30pm — Nelly and I are doing a pool scene. I cannot believe I’m getting this amazing lace jumpsuit completely wet!!! This is vintage!!!

4:00pm — OK so the assistant director keeps yelling at us to be sexier, but it is too funny to try and do a sexy scene when there are 50 people watching us!

5:00pm — Pool scene’s a wrap! Back to the hotel to switch to the final look as we wait for the sun to go down. The final scene is on the beach at night!

6:00pm — Paula’s giving me a new hairstyle for this scene and I’m excited about it!!! I am also very hungry again…

7:00pm — We all head down to the beach… Thank God there are no killer heels for this scene, I love to be barefoot in the sand! The water is glistening, my sequined dress looks stunning, and Nelly looks so fly!

7:30pm — OMG it’s sooooo windy! My hair is going crazy!

8:15pm — …and it’s a wrap!! “Gone” video is done!! It’s gonna be a hot one ya’ll!! Now it’s time to eat, drink, and be merry!

Listen to the track below.