*In an rather awkward conversation with Detroit radio station WJLB’s COCO, Foolish and Mr. Chase – Kimora Lee Simmons recently shared some thoughts about her strange obsession with her son’s penis and the brand behind her last name.

“Ya Im kind of excited that I have a little man who comes obviously with this little package… I had 2 girls prior to Kenzo so life wasn’t always this way. I think any mother who is out there listening this morning will explain that when we’re changing the diaper it will pee all over the place. It has like a mind of its own.”

Mr. Chase said: “You were talking like when you took the pamper off it was hitting you in the chin and stuff haha”

Kimora responded:  “Kind of, kind of … I’m just proud to have my boy…”

Foolish made the convo even more awkward when he asked: “Would you talk about it if it was real little?”

Kimora: “I don’t know sizes for a baby … I think its good. It’s pretty good. But Djimon says all the time ‘stop talking about it…”

Speaking of her current hubby Djimon Hounsou, when asked about her last name, she explained that he doesn’t mind and understands it’s all about product branding.

“When it comes to my brand, my brand is KLS (Kimora Lee Simmons). It would be hard to change it to KLH … professionally the name remains the same, but in my personal life I am definitely a Hounsou … Russell doesn’t care. I worked as hard for that name as he did!”