Daryl Osby

*Just in time for Black History Month, Los Angeles County makes black history with the induction of its first african american fire chief. They had missed all that talent for all those years.  But finally, they’ve come to their senses and given someone else a chance.  The seat had been filled for more than two decades and by selecting a new chief they have to remove a respected fire chief.

According to the Los Angeles Times, Michael Freeman is the former fire chief for Los Angeles County who county supervisors rallied together to have a law successfully passed in 2005, to help him hold the position after the mandatory retirement age of 60.  His successor, Chief Deputy Daryl Osby, 49, is a 27-year veteran of the department and is in charge of business operations.

He was selected from a group of candidates inside the department.  Osby will inherit a reputable squad known for being the leaders in firefighting tactics and strategy with an annual budget of $923 million.  Read more about him and his appointment here.